Friday, July 14, 2017

Water : GlobalViewPoints Noah Berlatsky, Book Editor Greenhaven Press, 2012

To read authors supporting and opposing topics related to water, this book presents both views. On topics ranging from ocean impact from climate change, acidification, and garbage, to regional ground and surface water scarcity and potability, and to hydropower, the volume presents at least two perspectives.

On the first topic, Oceans, the contributors consider the impact of rising sea levels. Taking a long-view of sea level changes, Kieran R. Hickey argues that the melting of ice during the ice age 13,000 years ago resulted in greater amounts of water being released into the oceans than what occurs presently. One country in danger of rising oceans levels, the author contends, is Ireland. The combination of increased water levels and lowering land levels, especially along the southern coast, pose threats to the nation. Relying on local control of these areas rather than a national strategy resorts to a myopic view. The contrasting view, Australian Sea-level Rise Due to Global Warning Has Been Exaggerated, presents both views, for and against, with no conclusive position. The same back-and-forth positions touch on the topics of ocean acidification, and ocean trash.

Reading about the water issues of China, Chile, Uganda, India, and elsewhere gives the reader a picture of the level of sophistication of water law and management worldwide. The lack of central policies in China and elsewhere, the inattention to the environmental consequences of dams, or the efforts to remove pollutants or naturally occurring chemicals from public drinking water, illustrate the challenges to achieve safe drinking water. 

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